Monthly Archives: October 2013

We have a new Supt.

Congratulations to Joe Suarez, Arrowhead Hotshots 6th Superintendent!



We had a girl!

There’s a new addition to the AH family!  Richie Sinkovitz’s daughter Miranda was born on 10/5.  More details to follow! msa

Welcome to the new version of Arrowhead!

We have decided to move the website (up on the net since 2000!) from a standard hosted site to a WordPress site.  The reasons are many…..but the main one is that with the WP format, which is essentially a blog, viewers will be able to post comments.  Everyone misses the old guestbooks!

Website editing programs are quickly becoming software of the past.  The programs that are out there are a) Cost prohibitive, b) Not user friendly and c) Resource hogs.  Everything is moving to the cloud.  And so are we.

I will miss the creativity that comes with truly creating a website from the ground up, but using the WP format will enable us to update quickly and easily.  I personally find inspiration when tackling new things, so maybe it will inspire me to pay more attention to the website as well.  We will be able to add multimedia products if we want, we can reach out to social media and I think overall we will be able to stay connected to our alumni more than ever.

Right now, we are using the free version.  It includes lots of formatting and widget options. However colors and storage space are limited and there may be ads from time to time.  It doesn’t cost much to increase space, remove ads and increase our options.  I also intend to point our domain name to this site as well, it will be just and not the WordPress address.

Let me know what you think.  Be gentle.